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macrame hammock swing chair

Swinging in a macrame swing chair is one of the most comfortable and freeing ways to relax. Who doesn’t love that gentle sway, relaxing suspension, and being able to read a book, or look up at the stars at any moment? ⭐

Macrame swings, also referred to as macrame hammock chairs or macrame hanging chairs are perfect for hanging out in your backyard all day!

macrame swing chair


Modern macrame swing chairs are very popular and a big trend all over the world. They are stylish and functional at the same time. They are super easy to install indoors our outdoors. With so many different kinds of  macrame swings to choose from, choosing the right one for you might be a challenging decision.

Nowadays, the internet showcases many different options, and may different styles that are just a click away. Your decision should not only be based on price $$$ alone, but on many other factors. Some are a made of nylon, others made of fabric… polyester or cotton, with or without wood spreader… the possibilities are endless.

With this in mind, we want to make sure that when you are ready to buy a macrame swing chair hammock, you are well informed, and hopefully this will make the most educated decision before purchasing one.


macrame swing chair


IMPORTANT: It is of uttermost important to know that not all things are created equal!  As with any other piece of furniture you can buy for your home, we ask you to stop and consider every detail before you make a purchase. 

With all these things in mind we also like to say that choosing the right one is very important. We came up with this 7 important things you need to consider before buying the perfect macrame hammock swing chair.



1. Beauty:  Your hammock should be gorgeous and look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It should add beauty to your home. Do you prefer a classic style or a boho style hammock swing?

2. Comfort:   The real purpose of a hammock swing chair is for it to be relaxing. A good comfortable one must cradle your entire body and provide head and proper body support.

3. Weight capacity: Each macrame hammock swing is unique and weight capacity can vary.  They can hold anywhere from 150 to around 300 poundsRead and pay attention to this important piece of information within the product description. Make sure you select the right one for you and for your family.

4. Material: Make sure the thread, chord or fabric being use to make the make it is resistant and of excellent quality. Do you prefer natural materials like cotton or synthetic materials like nylon and polyester? The material selection will ensure that will last your for many years but will also provide different breathability and feel to it.

5. Wood spreader and support:  You always what to check that the support is secure. The hammock wood spreader must be firmly built into the hammock to balance it, distribute weight evenly and provide proper suspension. Some hammock chairs don't offer a spreader bar, so that's a feature that you will need to consider as well. 

TIP: Make sure you measure the space  where you plan to hang it and make sure the macrame swing chair you choose has enough space to rotate freely. Ideally, it should be 2-3 feet away from any walls.

6. Quality: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐It is important to know the origin and take into consideration the craftsmanship and skill used to create the product. A good quality macrame swing chair should be made with attention to detail.Keep in mind that, when properly cared for, your hanging chair should last you for a few the years.

7. Hanging Eye: This is a safety feature that sometimes gets overlooked. Make sure that the eye that connects the macrame swing chair to the stand or hook is reinforced and very secure.

 macrame swing chair boho style

When you decide to buy your own macrame swing chair hammock, please make sure you consider all the recommendations to make sure you and your family are safe.  Price, beauty and style are important, but quality and safety should be the number one priority!

Have fun, hang out, and enjoy your macrame hammock swing chair!

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