Can I hang my hammock chair from the ceiling? Yes, you can hang a hammock chair  from a sturdy ceiling joist.  A joist/wood beam can hold the weight of a hanging swing and people can sit on it safely. Keep in mind that a joist is a large wood beam that holds the weight of the entire house.


Do you have tips on how to hang a hammock chair indoors from the ceiling? Yes, we sell the hardware here in our shop and we also have a tutorial with tips and how to hang an indoor hammock chair from the ceiling safely that will guide you. READ MORE


Why are pillow inserts not included in my order?  Pillow inserts are not included as part of your order to minimize the package's volume. This approach helps us lower shipping costs, enabling us to provide more affordable shipping rates for customers in the US as well as reduced rates for international buyers. 


Where can I purchase pillow inserts? Retailers like Amazon and Ikea have lots of pillow insert options.

What pillow inserts do I need to buy? For a plush and beautiful look, we recommend sizing up with the following size pillow inserts. And in case you are wondering, 100% non-woven polyester pillow inserts are a great option. They are long-lasting and hypoallergenic. (We don't recommend feather inserts).

• 24" X 24" inch throw pillowcases require a 26" X 26" inch pillow insert.

• 20" X 20" inch throw pillowcases require a 22 " X 22" inch pillow insert.

• 21" X 12" inch throw pillowcases require a 21 " X 12" inch pillow insert.


Do you offer hammock stands and hammock chair stands for sale? Currently, we do not have stands available. You can explore options on platforms like Amazon. Please note that our Limbo Imports hammock chairs are designed to fit standard-size stands.

Nevertheless, we do provide indoor ceiling hanging kits and outdoor hanging straps for the convenience of all our Limbo Imports customers. Browse all hammock hardware


What is the weight capacity of your hammock chairs and hammocks? The weight capacity of our hammock chairs and hammocks varies between 250 to 300 lbs. For specific weight limits of each product, please refer to the details provided in the product description on our website. We ensure that these weight limits are clearly mentioned to help you choose the right hammock or hammock chair that best suits your needs and requirements.


What's the suggested hanging height for the hammock chair? Our hammock chairs are adaptable and can be hung anywhere between 8 to 14 feet, accommodating various heights and spaces.


How far away should I hang a hammock chair from a wall? We recommend hanging your hammock chair at least 2-3 feet away from a wall to allow enough space for swinging and a comfortable experience.


What's the difference between a junior hammock chair and a regular hammock chair? Both styles are made for adults, however, one is just smaller than the other. The main difference is the wood spreader size 44 in. vs. 33 in. The junior collection is ideal for smaller rooms, teens or, petite people. Keep in mind that a hammock chair should hang at least 2 feet away from every wall.


Can I leave my hammock or hammock chair outside? Our hammocks and hammock chairs are all made from 100% cotton which is a natural material and can be more susceptible to fading and damage if it gets wet or receives direct sunlight or a prolonged period of time. While it is designed to be durable, cotton hammocks cannot be left outside permanently. Rain will weaken the fabric and cause mildew. We recommend bringing your hammock indoors when not in use or setting it up under a covered outdoor patio or pergola. 

• Always bring indoors when not in use for a prolonged period of time.

• If this item gets wet, allow it to air dry completely before storing it away.


How do I wash my cotton hammock? All Limbo hammocks and pillow covers are washable. Please hand wash and soak for 4-6 hrs. with a soft detergent. You can also add a scoop of Oxi-clean for a brighter look. Line dry. READ MORE


Is it possible to replace the chain in my hanging kit with ropeIf you've bought an indoor hanging kit from us, you have the option to substitute the stainless steel chain provided in the kit with rope (not included). However, please ensure that the rope you choose is both strong enough to support the weight and securely attached to the hanging ceiling mount.


Do you do custom and personalized orders? We don't offer custom or personalized options for retail orders, all of our products are pre-handmade in El Salvador and shipped to our Atlanta warehouse. If you are interest in wholesale, please contact us here.


Have more questions: please contact us 


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