Limbo Imports is located in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia. Our company was created by our founder Ana with the idea of sharing Salvadorian artisan made hammocks with the global market.
Limbo Imports' mission is to design and create modern hammocks while maintaining the traditional artisanal process.  We collaborate closely with our artisan partners and together we combine modern & traditional technique’s to create beautiful one-of- a-kind products. We aim to create awareness of the importance of keeping the Mayan hammock ancestry alive.
All of our products are carefully crafted and thoughtfully handmade, while being environmentally friendly. We make great effort sourcing sustainable quality materials and support long-term ecological balance.
Our products are handcrafted and assembled in El Salvador. The design and shipping of our products are all done from our Atlanta headquarters. We take great pride in our process and have a team of loyal individuals who value quality customer experience.
   Limbo Imports artisan hammock macrame handmade fair trade
El Salvador is brimming with diversity, beauty, and history. It is home to superior talented artisans who are known for their abilities to make beautiful works of art. However, it is also a place with limited growth opportunity and economic development. Many families live in extreme poverty and have a scarce opportunities and resources. 
With this in mind, Limbo Imports' goal is to source products from artisans in the region. The opportunity to craft these handmade products creates a sustainable employment option for men and women. This allows them to have a better way of life and stable income to support their families.
We adhere to fair trade principals and focus on transparent and accountable relationships. We make sure artisans are paid fairly and work in a safe environment. Many of the artisans are able to work from their homes and spend more time with their families.
 Limbo Imports artisan handmade hammock macrame crochet woven