How to Hang a Hammock Chair Indoors DIY Tips

hammock chair indoor hanging guide ceiling

It’s time to relax and kick back! A hammock swing chair is extremely versatile because it can be hung in lots of different ways. Some prefer to use a traditional hammock chair stand or a tree branch, however one of the beauties of a hammock chair is that it can be hung from any ceiling. 

Do not be afraid, hanging a hammock chair indoors is a very simple process and we will guide you from start to finish.
Most hammock swing chairs have a spreader bar that distributes weight evenly, and will only need 1 anchor point for support.

💡 Once you find your spot at home, make sure that there is enough space for you and your swing to move freely.         
hammock chair indoor hanging guide ceiling  
You can hang a hammock chair from a concrete ceiling or from a strong wooden beam. Please keep in mind safety and the right hardware is essential when setting up you hammock swing chair.

You can purchase the hardware at your local store or, for more convenience,  you can order one of our pre-packaged kits online CLICK HERE. 


  • Drill & drill bits (wood OR concrete bit)
  • Stud finder
  • 1 stainless steel ceiling mount
  • 2 spring snap hooks (approx. 3"- 4.5 ")
  • 4 expansion bolts (concrete) OR 4 lag screws (wood)
  • Stainless steel chain (#2 machine chain, straight link 325 lb)
  • 1 S hook


s hook hammock hanging chair indoors installation limbo imports  hammock chain steel hanging ceiling Ceiling mount hook eye hammock hanging swing chair tool

    tool hammock chair hardware ceiling mount  
    STEP 1
    Find a sturdy beam on the ceiling by using a stud finder. Make sure you use a pencil to mark both sides of the joist. It is extremely important that you drill into the middle of the joist or beam.

    (Skip this step for concrete ceiling)
    STEP 2.
     Drill holes on the dry wall/beam or concrete. 

    STEP 3:
    Install the ceiling mount using the 4 bolts or screws, depending on the surface. 

    💡 : We strongly recommend a ceiling mount vs a simple eye hook because it will provide a stronger anchor point. 


    STEP 4:
    Attach 1 spring hooks to the ceiling mount and hang the chain. Adjust chain to the desired height.
    STEP 5:
    Attach 1 spring hook or S hook to the other end of the chain and then hang your hammock chair. (either one works great!).

    Note: Your Limbo Imports hammock swing has a reinforced steel eye that will give it extra security and stability. 
    clasp mount  chain hanger hoop hardware chair                         S hook hammock chair swing

    STEP 6:
    Test your installation. Gradually, shift your weight into the chair. If it holds you, it means you have installed it correctly.
    Your hammock swing chair should be at least 3 feet away from the floor.  Do not leave small children unattended.
     hanging hammock swing chair indoorshook hammock hardware ceiling how to installation indoors chair

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    indoor hammock hanging chair installation diy kit limbo imports tools
    You can purchase the hardware at your local store or, for more convenience, you can order one of our pre-packaged hanging kits online CLICK HERE view Kit 


     Please email us if you have any questions 




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