Eco-friendly Cotton Hammock

The Best Eco-friendly Cotton Hammock Chairs

A hammock is not just a piece of furniture, but it also plays a role in providing comfort and relaxation. Therefore, it is important to select one that is not only beautiful, but also made from the best materials. Here at Limbo Imports we take this to heart and part of our vision is to create hammocks with the best sustainable material ….cotton.  

Cotton is by far the most-loved fabric. Harvested from the cotton plant, it is a natural product grown form the earth. This soft and fluffy material is used in the creation of the best breathable textiles. The benefit of cotton's breathability is by far one of the favorite reasons why everyone likes it so much. When the weather is hot, a breathable fabric is a must! 

Eco-friendly Cotton Hammock

Ecologically speaking, cotton is a great material because it is grown in a farm, not created in a lab through heavy chemical processing. It is biodegradable and is also a renewable and sustainable resource. Many households in Central America are dependent on engaging directly in cotton cultivation for an income.

 Another of the advantages of cotton canvases and threads is that it can last for a very long time and it is easy to care for. Stains lift out easier and who doesn’t want that!


Eco-friendly Cotton Hammock


We are proud to say that all of Limbo Imports hammock's bodies are made from natural 100% cotton canvas and cotton threads.  We are certain that the softness and durability of our eco-friendly cotton hammocks is the result of sourcing great cotton.


Eco-friendly Cotton Hammock

Now that you know all the amazing things cotton can do, check your fiber content labels when you shop for your next hammock.


Make sure it says cotton... since it's The Fabric of Our Lives!

Click HERE to view or cotton hammock and swing chair collections. Sustainable and eco-friendly hammock chairs by Limbo Imports. 



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