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national hammock day july 22

National Hammock Day on July 22nd commemorates the universal symbol for taking a break from our hectic lives, kicking back and relaxing in a hammock. Situated just in the middle of the Summer, National Hammock Day celebrates everything related to relaxation,enjoying minutes of bliss, summer breezes and just "hanging out." 

If you don’t already have a swaying place to relax, now is the time to do it.  If you want to keep a sense of tranquility and enjoyment around your home, a hammock is a must!

Hammock History

Hammocks were created by the Mayans in Central America thousands of years ago. Hammocks were originally created for protection from the elements, wild animals and rodents on the ground. The name ‘hammock’ is derived from a Spanish word hamaca. It is said that the original versions of hammocks were made out of the bark of a tree called hamack.

Over the years, modern hammocks have been developed for sleeping and resting. Nowadays, hammocks are made of fabric, rope or netting, however they all serve the same purpose... RELAXATION.

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This beautiful weather is perfect for laying on a hammock or hammock swing chair and enjoying some time with nature or under the stars.

Hammocks and hammock swing chairs are super easy to install indoors or outdoors and yet the transformation is incredible!

How to Celebrate National Hammock Day 

It’s time to get your dream hammock and celebrate National Hammock Day with us. Celebrating Hammock Day can obviously be pretty simple, just hang a hammock and climb in! It's time to grab your favorite book, put your feet up, enjoy the sway and relax!

1. Lay in a hammock or hammock swing chair (the most important part!).

2. Read a great book or favorite magazine.

3. Sip a refreshing cocktail or beverage.

4. Listen to your favorite music.

5. Disconnect from electronics. Spend time meditating and enjoying nature.



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national hammock day

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