best indoor swings for adults

The Best Indoor Swings For Adults


The best indoor swings for adults

Although it may sound crazy, indoor swings and hanging hammock chairs are not only meant for kids. Adults need to unwind tooIn the last couple of years, while maneuvering through quarantining, we learned the importance of making our home our refuge and a sanctuary. And, as a result, many of us are taking a harder look at our home’s interiors and asking whether what we see reflects who we are and how we really want to live going forward. After all, as adults, our home is where we spend the most important moments of our lives with the most important people in our lives.

We've learned that we must make sure we have the right furniture to make our space more inviting. Having a hammock chair swing indoors is a trend that has quickly gained more and more popularity with adults. These give our body the much-needed relaxation it requires after a long day working or doing school work.


indoor swing for adult


We looked at the following criteria to make our indoor swing recommendations:

SAFETY: One of the most important things we considered is the safety of the swing. A good swing must be stable. Swings with solid wood spreader bars distribute weight evenly making them safer. Make sure you hang your indoor swing securely from the ceiling. (Here's a short tutorial on how to hang an indoor swing from the ceiling.)

SUPPORT:  A good adult indoor swing chair must provide great back support. The rest area must be big enough for an adult to lay back comfortably and even allow for some leg room. It should be constructed from a strong quality material that won’t tear or fringe. It must be made of a durable fabric or thread to increase its lifespan.

WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS: A good adult swing must accommodate your weight. We recommend choosing one with the highest possible weight limit because it can accommodate all family members. 

BEAUTY:  Beauty is undoubtedly a requirement. An indoor swing must complement your indoor space and blend in with your décor style. Unlike backyard furniture, an indoor swing must have an added touch of sophistication and glam.  

The ultimate goal with an indoor swing is to allow you to feel rejuvenated, relaxed and revitalized every time you sit on it. 

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