What Is The Right Size Hammock Chair For Me? Hammock Chair Size Guide

What Is The Right Size Hammock Chair For Me? Hammock Chair Size Guide

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Are you planning a hammock chair room makeover? Whether you are planning a porch remodel or to amp up the drama in your bedroom, we have a hammock chair size suggestion for that perfect spot.

One of the best features of the hammock chair is its versatility. You can hang from almost any ceiling and they are great space savers. However before you make a decision you need to look at a few things.

Regardless of the hammock chair style you choose to buy, the rule of thumb is that you have to pay attention to 2 main things:


💡: Just to be perfectly clear, our Limbo Imports REGULAR size canvas hammock chairs and our JUNIOR canvas hammock chairs are both designed for adults (look at chart  down below to compare features). Our size recommendation takes many factors into consideration but the main one is usually space.


wood spreader length hammock chair


Before you drill holes into the ceiling, you need to make sure there is enough room for the chair to rotate freely. Most importantly, if you are hanging it on a specific corner, make sure you measure and check the distance to the surrounding walls to make sure there’s room for the wood spreader bar to rotate 360 degrees. You definitely don’t want to be bumping into the walls!

** If you are planning to set up you Limbo hammock chair in a smaller room or crevasse, the Junior might be a good option. On the other hand, if you have a roomy area with a wider space the Regular size will be perfect. 

 weight limbo imports blog hammock chair weight capacity ceiling


Not all families are created equal, so you definitely need to take that into account. Most likely everyone at home will want to sit on the hammock chair at some point depending on where you set it up. You might want to take that into consideration when choosing the correct size. 


**Both sizes support the weight of an adult, however the Junior is better suited if you are a petit person or if it will hang in a kid’s bedroom. The regular size hammock chair is a bit roomier and will support a larger adult comfortably.

Do not be mistaken, both Limbo Imports chair sizes are extremely comfy and they both provide room to relax. In the end, which ever size you choose, is a matter or preference. It’s a WIN- WIN either way!

 👇Check out the visuals.  


junior hammock chair limbo imports luxury ethical fair trade hammock

small hammock chair swing

 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------REGULAR HAMMOCK CHAIR

large hammock regular size adult hammock swing chair

 large hammock chair swing

hammock chair size guide

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