The ROCKING History of Hammock Swing Chairs

The ROCKING History of Hammock Swing Chairs

We owe it to the Mayans!

Mayans really outdid themselves with hammocks! The history of hammocks goes back to 1700’s established primarily in pre Columbian Central America.  It is said  that Mayans and other indigenous people crafted them as a way to suspend their beds from the floor and where used for sleeping, swinging and resting.
When Spanish sailors arrived, they immediately fell in love with them and shared them with the rest of the world. The name ‘hammock’ is derived from a Spanish word hamaca. It is said that the versions of hammocks were made out of the bark of a tree called hamack.  It normally consisted of a cloth panel or woven network of twine between two anchor points such as trees or posts. 




Nowadays, things have changed a bit, but hammocks are undoubtedly still a major part of Central American tradition and way of life, and now have also spread like wildfire all over the world . People love them not only for the comfort they provide but also for the global modern glam they bring to any decor.  There is no mystery, their versatility and beauty can work well in any space. 
Today there are many types of hammocks, made in various styles and made from lots of different materials. As demand for them grows, designs and uses also evolve.  Hammock chairs, also known as hanging or swing chairs, are an example of this.  They give you the same comfortable feel as a full-size hammock but in an upright, seated design which can be more conducive to enjoying a variety of activities. They are especially known to encourage lounging, reading and relaxing.



So why are these so special and such a big trend?  Honestly, there are many reasons why. Hammock chairs are quite unique... but to sum it up let's say it's because they are practical, space savers, versatile and easy to hang.  They are not just for outdoor use, but can also be used indoors, making them great to use all year. 

Modern decor has evolved and it allows us to create lovely eclectic outdoor and indoor cozy nooks for ourselves. Hammock swing chairs can hang from a single point and can be literally hanged anywhere... on a hammock stand, from the ceiling, from a beam, from a tree... 

They look great in every room in the house... on a porch, in a bedroom, living room, balcony ... the sky is the limit!

Setting up a hammock chair is extremely easy and anyone can hang one without much effort and relax in one in a matter of minutes.  They fit in small spaces and are ideal for any room. 

Adults and kids fall in love with them, the only issue may be that there could be some arguments over whose turn to use it!

We say it’s time to ditch the old rocking chair… What do you say?  Will you join follow this modern trend? 

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