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bohemian hammock
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Bohemian Hammock With Wood Spreader Bars | DANIELLA LUX

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This bohemian hammock is a lounge-worthy addition to your modern home – an elegant combination of bohemian style and intricate crochet detail.  Wrap yourself in its soft fringes and drift off into a world of classic luxury. Its neutral color can have a calming effect on any room and it is ideal for your patio, porch, living room, or deck.

In addition to its luxurious comfort, this hammock features wood spreader bars that provide stability and support, ensuring that the hammock maintains its shape.  By extending the width of the fabric, they create a spacious sleeping or lounging area. This allows you to fully stretch out and find your perfect position for ultimate relaxation.

They are ethically made in El Salvador by our skilled artisan team who have been handcrafting them for generations. This hammock incorporates traditional artisan methods as well as a unique modern design.

Whether you're sipping on a refreshing beverage or curled up with a good book. It is guaranteed to provide lots of relaxation. This fringed bohemian hammock is perfect indoors or on a covered patio outdoors. It adds style and a luxurious look to your space. 


Included: 1 Daniella LUX Bohemian Hammock: Ivory White/ Cream


  • 100%  woven cotton canvas
  • 39-inch wood spreader bars
  • Handmade crochet fringe with wood beads
  • Body Length: 90 inches
  • Body width: 50 inches
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs 
  • Hand-wash with mild soap. 


*Perfect for indoor and covered outdoor use. (Also available without spreader bars HERE)

*Compatible with any standard 12 ft hammock stand.

*The hanging distance should be between 10" to 14 " feet.

*Hanging accessories are not included & can be purchased HERE in our shop.