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Indoor Diamond Hammock Swing Chair Hanging Mount | WOOD BEAM Ceiling Mount

Indoor Diamond Hammock Swing Chair Hanging Mount | WOOD BEAM Ceiling Mount

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This is the ultimate kit for securely hanging your hammock chair swing indoors. This hammock chair ceiling mount is perfect for installations in ceilings with wood joists/beams. 

This hammock chair suspension kit will include a chain and every piece of hardware you need to set up your hammock chair or hanging chair indoors. Made of premium stainless steel to protect against corrosion & rust (perfect for covered patios and porches too).

This diamond-shaped mount is perfect for 2x4” ceiling wood joists. Easy to set up, and with a secure installation, it confidently holds weights up to 300 lbs, ensuring a safe and relaxing experience. Effortlessly customize the height of your hammock chair for a perfect and comfortable sitting experience.

The complete 9-piece kit includes: 

  • 1 Diamond stainless steel round ceiling mount (approx 2 in. diameter) 
  • 2 Spring snap hooks (approx 3.5 in. )
  • 4 wood lag screws
  • Stainless steel adjustable chain.  Measurements  50 in.  = 4.17 feet long
  • 1 S hook


*Please note that for installation, a stud finder is required to locate suitable support.

*You can replace the stainless steel chain in the kit with your own sturdy rope (rope not included). Just ensure the rope is strong enough for the weight and securely attached to the ceiling mount.

*This hardware is adaptable and can be used to hang a hammock chair anywhere between 8 to 14 feet, accommodating various heights and spaces.


Check out instructions on "How to install a hammock chair swing."
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