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Woven Black Hammock With Wood Spreaders | JULIANNA

Woven Black Hammock With Wood Spreaders | JULIANNA

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Indulge in a beautiful boho hammock and transform your home into an oasis. Our Julianna hammock is entirely handwoven from 100% soft cotton with delicately hand-carved rustic wood spreader bars. 

A luxurious black hammock is perfect for indoor or outdoor covered use. Its black color creates an impact and is ideal for your patio, porch, living room, or deck.

This ethically handmade hammock is made in El Salvador by our skilled artisan team who have been handcrafting them for generations. It incorporates traditional artisan weaving methods as well as a unique modern twist. The Boho-style hammock is adorned with handmade tassels with wooden beads that add a modern element.

Its handwoven 100% cotton body construction is the most comfortable texture that will cradle your body and help you relax. As cotton is a long-lasting natural fiber and by far the softest of materials, this hammock is very comfortable and the material feels fantastic against your skin. It features wood spreader bars on both ends making it extremely comfortable.

Whether you're tanking a nap, sipping on a refreshing beverage, or curled up with a good book, it is guaranteed to provide lots of relaxation. It is perfect indoors or outdoors and adds style and a luxurious look to your space. This full-body hammock can be used with a hammock stand, inside your home, between two trees, suspended from overhead beams, or a pergola. This piece embodies beauty just as much as relaxation!

Included: 1 "Julianna" Black Hammock with wood beaded tassels


• 100% natural handwoven cotton
• Two 33" in. pine wood spreader bars
• Body Length: 91 inches
• Body width: 60-80 inches 
• Weight capacity: 275 lbs
• Full length: 164 inches long

*Hanging hardware is not included but is available for purchase here.


• Body Length: 91 inches
• Body width: 60-80 inches 
• Weight capacity: 275 lb
• Full length: 164 inches long

*Compatible with most standard 12 ft size hammock stand.


• 100% natural handwoven cotton

  • Sustainably sourced pine wood spreader bars

Care Instructions

• Indoor or covered outdoor use is recommended.
• Handwash with mild detergent and hang dry.

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